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Where we sow the seeds of the future



Every great journey starts with a first step and with the people that want to walk. The first thing to do is to build a solid core of people who really want to be responsible protagonists. This is why we are working to create a social centre.

In February 2014 the Association TERRA FRANCA was founded: it has immediately established a collaboration with the municipal administration, assuming responsibility for pre/post school and school support service.

In Autumn 2015 we organized the FESTIVAL OF THE ECONOMIES OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM. This event, which saw the participation of high-calibre speakers, was intended as the starting point of a process of awareness and debate to find and realize a genuine healthy economy that is rooted in real life, defying the variable waves of times and suiting the actual needs of the human species, among which the spiritual nourishment provided by culture, art, beauty and practical know-hows.

The CONDOMINIOARTEBENESSERE in Firenze Street has been our operation centre since December 2014. The restructuring was completed in June 2015.
The second floor of the building, a 200-square-metre space, has become a well-equipped space where seminars, round tables, small conferences, courses, various activities and training take place.
On the first floor there is a kids and workshops space.
On the ground floor there will be room for physical activities such as yoga, gymnastics, a music farm room, and CASTELLOBEACH – a social room with a garden for festivals and events.
In other words all the building will be devoted to training, arts, crafts, well-being and to the study of new economies.

2 km far from Castelfranco we have our PARCOROBINSON – a recreational area for children and adults, a green space devoted to agricultural innovation, where people can rent their own vegetable garden.

In the town centre there is the VETRINAdelleARTI: it is a shop-window where we exhibit all the things that you can learn how to make in our courses.



The foundation seeks to promote and develop social interaction within the sectors of farming, art and crafts, culture, as well as training, economy and health and recreation.

The aim is to create a socio-economic model of a local economy, to apply that model in the context of a real town and to make it possible to replicate it in other towns and to create fund of exportable know-how. This model is based on people’s expertise and on Italy’s unparalleled heritage in art and architecture, landscape and farming.

In practice this model consists in coordinating resources to create a synergy at the heart of a local economy. The foundation specifically intends to realize pilot projects for an ideal town, modern and up-to-date, which will offer a new way of inhabiting the planet. By demonstrating that it is possible to reconstruct the social fabric as well as achieving a better quality of life (by offering access to art and culture, 1st class health care, food and recreation), it offers the chance to create a “virtuous economy” balancing traditional skills and crafts with agriculture and waste recycling. And all within a system that respects both humans and the environment, as well as the blue economy, which
modern technology makes sustainable and efficient. An integral part of the aims is the regeneration of the territory and in particular of abandoned buildings, which can be transformed into useful spaces for the community. The Foundation intends to identify centres of population that are available to be included in a pilot project because of their geographic position and environmental characteristics.

Regarding the town/villages selected, the Foundation will deal with:

  • the organization and promotion of cultural activities and training for the management of an economy designed to benefit the community, based on the points listed above;
  • the organization, promotion and support of study and learning centres, groups and round-tables, meetings and congresses, conferences, courses, seminars, workshops,shows, trade fairs, festivals and exhibitions; all these elements contained within an organic structure that links the foundation, active participants, users and the public;
  • the promotion and organization of publishing;
  • the promotion and organization of workshops, studios, spaces, art galleries and meeting points for games and recreation;
  • the promotion and organization of work experience for young people, thus allowing them to identify and develop their talents as a resource to transform their lives;
  • the identification, management and realization of suitable places for various activities, as well as the acquisition of the necessary equipment for these activities;
  • the start of initial activities/an introduction to create an economic prototype that gives support and training, with a view to allowing people to become economically independent;
  • the coordination and integration of existing activities and making the most of local groups;
  • the creation of a logo that can be an umbrella for all these various activities;
  • the assessment of the replicability of these pilot projects.

The Foundation above all will work to:

  • create every opportunity to maintain and improve the health of the inhabitants and tourists within a holistic system of preventions, treatment and recovery, and the promotion of suitable physical activities to achieve this aim;
  • create the cultural conditions and organization necessary to develop and maintain tourism that respects the environment;
  • promote all activities that may encourage repopulation of the mountain area with innovative solutions for living, working and farming, at the same time being aware of issues of ecology, technology that do not harm the planet;
  • support the production of high quality food, using farming methods, both traditional and modern, that enrich the soil and avoid exploitation.

To sum up:

  • encourage exchange, collaboration and the creation of a network of pilot projects;
  • link and develop synergy with other organizations, both private and public, Italian and foreign, that operate in the same way as the Foundation and that share the same aims;

To achieve all these aims the foundation intends to utilize suitable resources to create an efficient economic model. Besides organizing and managing courses, it will undertake to create objects that reflect the cultural identity of the territory and the philosophy of the Foundation.



Valdarno is in the heart of Italy, it is the most real and well-preserved area of Tuscany and it is easily reachable.
Castelfranco, thanks to its architectural features and geographic position in the heart of Valdarno, can become an art village able to attract artists, musicians and writers. The village potentially can command attention from people from all over the world.

The land in which Masaccio and Leonardo created their artworks has many established spaces, as San Salvatore Abbey in Soffena and Capodaglio Theatre, but also many disused warehouses and empty shops. For that reason it could be attractive for those who want to renew the local economy, honoring the history of these beautiful places.
We have initiated a medieval and Renaissance vocal music laboratory, and we are going to run violin-making workshops. We would like to recreate the Castelfranco village band too.
On 19 th October 2014 we hosted a wonderful and memorable concert with “The Opera in the living room” Ensemble. Now we are planning to organize similar events.
We collaborate with the Istituto Musicale Luigi Bertelli, which teaches piano, guitar, violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, accordion, drums and more.
We organize art classes at all levels, offering temporary studios for artists in a unique setting and organizing exhibitions for them.